Friday, April 19, 2013

April Showers...

We had been experiencing nice weather here in Pennsylvania.  It was warm and sunny just beautiful.  But a cold front was moving in.  It is supposed to keep our temperatures in the 50's this weekend.  Last week it has been bouncing in the 70's and 80's.  So what happens  when a cold front meets warm air?  Thunderstorms and showers.

 photo IMG_0388_zpse1f248ad.jpg

It all started with the rain blowing strongly in the door.  The winds were strong the rain was warm soaking the room from the door to the couch and the kids jumped in front of it having some fun.  But they wanted to go outside.  I did not want them to go outside.  They had had their *1st* baths of the night and they would get muddy.  But the kept insisting.  They started to strip!  I love Smile's mischievous face.  I had to crop the picture because by this point he was nearly naked!

 photo IMG_0391_zpsd8266cca.jpg

I love this one as they have all linked arms.  Lets just forget the fact they were plotting.

And all the sudden they burst out the door in a mob of 5 but mostly 4, I was able to catch the little one.

 photo IMG_0400_zps4c987356.jpg

They ran around in the pouring rain like nobody's business.

 photo IMG_0403_zpseb043897.jpg

Laughs, Smiles, Accomplishments

They ran until they found puddles.

 photo IMG_0397_zps840ceb30.jpg

Then came the puddle jumping!

 photo IMG_0396_zps8e140fc5.jpg

Rain Tasting

 photo IMG_0404_zpsb8f23294.jpg

And realization the temperature had dropped by 20 degrees.

 photo IMG_0410_zps5fbf09bc.jpg

And as soon as they burst outside they fled indoor to warm up.  Maybe a bit of an overkill.

 photo IMG_0416_zpsc04a3c20.jpg

Then showers number 2.  Lets hope that is all tonight.

I am sorry if any of the pictures are distorted in this post or any of them.  i am trying to deal with that problem but it has been a very annoying battle.

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