Monday, April 8, 2013

I am ready to put my feat up

Mercy some days are just so much running.  I complained in winter about being trapped in the house because I forgot in spring how much running you do.

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I left my house this morning just after 11 with the tiny team and finally settled back home after 7:30 with all 5 grump, tired, smelly, and excited kids!  It was another doctor day.  They come in groups like that we have apointments for everyone in a month then can hopefully go 3 more months till we do it again.  Two more doctor visits and some labs to go and then we are done till July, with the exception of 4 needing dentist appointments again.  Agh.  I hate dentist appointments the worst.

Today was Gregory's turn on the table.

 photo P04-08-13_1347_zpscdf36719.jpg

He looks like such a stick figure there.  He is very skinny but this picture exgagurates it.  However he has grown half an inch in the last three months.  You could tell in his pant legs but I  did not but it together.  You know who else is in or going into a growth spurt is his youngest brother my Smile who I should call by cranky lately   He is sweet and charming for the most part but if he is not getting his way it is tears and crossed arms.  But I can not feed this boy enough right now.  He by far out eats his brothers.  He eat s and eats all day long.

I am so glad I did not forget my phone today to capture them NOT listening to me.  They really were not on there best behavior.  They jumped and screamed they were so wound up.

 photo P04-08-13_13531_zpsa14f863b.jpg

It could have nothing to do with the fact they had sugar at lunch?

 photo P04-08-13_12171_zpse929778f.jpg

 photo P04-08-13_1217_zpsec35a3c5.jpg

Gregory asked if I could take him to Fuddruckers for lunch and of course I said yes.  I had took Evan out last week he wanted a turn too.  And Fuddruckers was so much better.  We had a great time.

 photo P04-08-13_1221_zpse93a5d3c.jpg

We sat in an Elvis booth.  They had no idea who he is.  Each circular booth has pictures hanging around it of famous people, things or places.  They had pictures of Elvis in all sorts of clothes and places.  They could not even tell it was the same guy in all the pictures.  Oh well I don't care about Elvis either.  The funny part was they were attracted to the picture of him in his ARMY uniform and Smiley kept yelling police man!  And this area that the restaurant is in is heavily attended by police men on their lunch break.  We drew many stares.  Besides an elderly couple, and a real estate lunch, everyone else in the place were police officers.

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More running, some errands those were not fun.  And where I live the probability of getting stuck behind a tractor is high.  Today the farmers were out spraying there fields with manure   Isn't that lovely?   And of course we get stuck behind a tractor.

 photo P04-08-13_1150_zps484c62a0.jpg

We got to enjoy miles of the lovely smell at 10 mph.

But we got to make a quick stop at home to get ready for soccer because spring = soccer.

 photo P04-08-13_1625_zpsc1764455.jpg

And it was a beautiful day for it.  The temps were touching 80, it was blue and bright.  They boys practiced, the tiny team and I played.

 photo P04-08-13_17291_zps18645d62.jpg

 photo P04-08-13_172921_zpsf35c3855.jpg

I wish I would have had more time to play but there was still a lot that had to be done and after all we will play again soon.  It was just nice to enjoy the warmth.  It was nice not to wear socks.

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