Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gregory's Terrarium

My son is so special in so many ways. He is talented and intuitive. He is a joy to be around and I am so privileged to call him my son and my buddy. Living in rural Pennsylvania we have a lot of different opportunities, different sites and different experiences. His life and education is different than mine was. As I grew up mostly in Washington DC, I spent the other years of my life moving from other big cities such as Seattle, Los Angles, Houston and Oslo, Norway. His life holds some of the stable factors of my life by the fact we express and share our faith with him, my parents are involved with both children every week and the has a place to call home.

As I said I am now in rural Pennsylvania, Amish country. The Amish have great traditions, skills and knowledge. One thing they are good in and I am oh so far from good in is gardening. It does not matter if it is a house plant or a farm, if it stays with me it will die. I feel so bad for the fate of the flowers and fish, but that's another story, that enter our home. One day at our local country market I saw a sign for a gardening workshop. I hurried up and signed up. Who could teach me better than the Mennonites. There gardens and plants are BEAUTIFUL! In fact in the spring and summer our downtown is adorned in the most sensational hanging baskets overflowing with rainbows of flowers.

At this gardening workshop they were teaching you how to make a terrarium. That sounded great. So I told my buddy we were going to do something special just him and I. Some time for just us. I circled the day on the calender and we both anxiously awaited for it to come. Finally it was here!

The workshop was great. He did it all on his own. He scooped in the gravel. Laid the charcoal piled in the dirt and picked out his own flowers to put in there. It was all him. I just sat back and was amazed how big he is and all he can do. All we can to together. He made a great terrarium that has been sitting on our kitchen table for a month now and I am so pleased to say with no dead flowers!
I love my buddy and I love to do things with him.

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