Monday, March 3, 2008


That is the name of the game, STOP SPENDING $$$$$! Usually we are not to bad about frivolous spending or extravagant spending but not lately. We are spending way to much money on big ticket items, although I love them we really shouldn't have. We are spending to much money on eating out. There is not one day a week I don't eat out. But I do work at a restaurant. However the days I am off my family wants to go out to eat. Once a week my folks come up and they also want to go out to eat. We once evaluated the cost of the 6 of us eating here or going out to eat and it was around the same amount of money for all of us to go out and have everything done for us as it was to eat here and buy all the ingredients. But I think I will re-look at those numbers.

So I am putting a stop to it. The flow of money is going to be redirected. It is going to switch streams from going out of our pockets and go into the house and savings.

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Anonymous said...

Your boys are so cute! Enjoy this age. It goes so quickly. It seems endless when you are in the middle of it, when they are loud and messy...(I know I have five boys!), but if you don't sit back and "smell the roses" with them, you will look back and regret it. It looks like you are doing well from the pictures, but I just wanted to encourage you today! Have a blessed day!

Grace in Alaska

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