Monday, May 12, 2008

Bulk Trash Day

I can hear them. I can her the sounds of the motor rev up and slow down as the car nears closer to my house. I can imagine their thoughts as they approach. What treasure can I find there? It is creepy that I am sitting at my desk at 3 Am and am disturbed by all the strangers who are outside in my driveway. My neighbors who are rummaging through our stuff. No secrets anymore. They now know I do not plan on taking my kids sledding, because our supper fast sleds are on the curb. Not to mention my yard is completely flat. They know I will be getting a new dinning set, yes the old one is out there too. Sets of mirrors have all ready been picked up. What stories they could tell as they watched my family for years and are now moving on to another. Its a liberating day. Out with the old, the missing pieces, the clutter. I am free. And now have a lot more space to put my great yard sale finds!

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