Friday, May 2, 2008


Today my Darling husband will be on the radio talking about my, our darling son. My DH loves radio programing he could listen to it all the time. Which very often is a sore spot between us. However, today he is on it. The bit was prereccored last Friday so we had the heads up it would be played today. He was estatic last friday I got tons of texts messages from him hearing how it was going. Which I proudly shared with chef. I thought I would miss his broadcasting for usally I work Fridays in the daytime. By luck, I am on nights. I will be able to share this happy time with him. I love my DH, we sometimes have differnt views, differnt hobbies, but when it come to celebrating our kids we are both on the same page. Over excitied, extremly proud and thankful parrents.


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