Monday, August 25, 2008

Should I?

We keep hearing over and over, everywhere we tun about these hard economic times. For the most part, as a family, it has not affected me. We live a simple life. We have one income, one car, one low mortgage payment, high taxes but that's life, 2 large personal loans out. Both each others from before we meet, mine is school, and we are SLOWLY paying them down. Our grocery bill is not to out of control. However, that is one I really want to track the total of each month because I do feel it is where I could cut a lot. But it is so jumbled with the rest of my Wal Mart purchases it is hard to keep it straight. And there is the list of the other regular bills everyone has. But bill aside we are okay. We were still able to take 4 long summer vacations. We are still continuing to remodel the house to the tune of thousands of dollars, ugh I always cringe at the register there.

But one thing I really don't like is gas prices. I feel like a bullet hits my bank account every time I fill up. And I do not have a large SUV but a small family Malibu. So it has been on my mind about getting a scooter. Yes a little tiny thing that I could ride to and from work. I work about 15 miles away. And this would slow the trip down immensely since they don't go to fast. But would I save in gas? Would the price I would pay buying the scooter negate all the savings in gas. Would the extra time it would take to get there and back not be worth it. It is unpractical having such a small vehicle with a growing family. But then I would not have to stop and get groceries. All of these things have been going through my mind as the boys and I went ahead a looked at some.


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