Friday, September 12, 2008

Half way through September!?

Busy does not even begin to describe how I have been lately. Don't get be wrong this is the kind of busy I like, the productive busy. However, it jumped from the first to the 12? Time you are like a wave receding into the ocean you leave quickly and when I get a moment it is to short.

A few day after Labor Day my boys headed over to spend their weekend with their cousins. Where they were treated to a Doodlebops concert. I do not have any pictures because I did not go. Any of you moms who have seen them will realize the great loss I am feeling by missing the concert. But thank you sucker..oops I meant Aunt Patty, who took all four children in the poring rain to see the Doodlebops. Hahaha. Ahh I would feel worse if it hadn't been for the fact that we bought her a wii the same weekend. So dry off, block the memory and play mario kart.

With the children away my DH the romantic had planned a great honeymoon of sorts weekend. Spoiling me with dinner at the restaurant that is so hard to get a reservation. A new gown to wear to it. And if you don't know me I love cocktail dresses, designer dresses. My closets here, at my mothers and my mother in laws houses are full of them because I love them so much. I have so many and feel bad about paying that much for I wear them casually around the house. A weird princess obsession.

Yeah right, the owning lots of dresses is true but as far as the romantic husband sure. I brought home dinner from Denny's, Nachos so you know that lead to no where, and I worked on finishing up my laundry room makeover. Which is still not done.
I painted walls, painted trim, changed my mine and repainted ugh I want to be done with it!


I missed my kids. I am lonely and lost without them. So I eagerly awaited their return. Once home the boys and I settled back into some school year normality. We did our studies and attended our Thursday morning classes. One of their "socialization's". It is hard to get them out and over to friends, clubs or activities. I need to be better about this. I just often am so busy and so much wanting to spend time with them myself that I over look their neglect of interaction with other kids.

We took down our butterfly garden. It grew well and big this summer but lived it course. The boys found out that when you pull a garden out it become a wonderful place to race trucks. So I had let it be for a while, and let it become a monster truck track.


But all good and messy things must come to an end. Yesterday we planted our fall garden. It looks great. A work in progress as the cabbage and it brilliantly perfect color will fill the garden in. We have beautiful mums, the best looking mascaraed peppers I have seen they had a tied in touch. I never knew they existed but now I have a few of them. And of course a few pumpkins which this collection will grow tremendously by the time Halloween is here. I like it. The children like gardening too. It makes me happy to do it with them and it is very rewarding to all of us.

If I am rambling forgive me as I came home at 4 this morning awoke at 7 by a little boy wanting to watch curious George I tried to get a few more hours of sleep but never enough. SO I am off to make(order) lunch and continue on the laundry room project.

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