Wednesday, June 17, 2009

To be walking again

A great stroller leads to great walks. And I've got the best big brothers to help push.


It feels so good to be walking again. All of us outside in the fresh air and warm sunshine has been a spirit lifter. We have had such a rainy spring, good while pregnant to keep the summer heat down. Since Brendan's arrival home we have joyfully put over 10 miles on his jogger in a three day span. Way to go boys!


Rebecca said...

oh my goodness! This little guy is just so stinkin' PRECIOUS.

I came here to respond to your comment on my blog, and I was so thankful I did because had I just responded to your question on MY blog, I never would have seen such a beautiful baby boy!

Adele' has had four hearing tests. Three newborn screenings which she failed completely and the last was at an actual audiologist but because she was congested--the machine was picking up her breathing not brain activity so it didn't work at all.

After the fourth test being 'inconclusive" my brain and heart was tired of the what-ifs and being held in limbo. SO I took some time off, even though everyone pestered like all get out and thought me awful for not being proactive in setting up a new appointment. The last test was in Feb. and I just rescheduled it for in two weeks. Regardless of what people may have thought/think about my decision to wait a bit, I am ever so thankful I did.

It gave me a chance to RELAX about it (I was all tied up in knots about it), it gave me an opportunity to love Adele' without ever even thinking of her hearing-just loving her for the normal girl she IS. And it gave me a chance to prepare myself for whatever.

I know just what you must have been feeling when you were given the test results because I went through it too. But here is the's going to be ok. It REALLY is! I know a lot of people have probably told that to you-they did me-but no one was in MY shoes so I didn't believe them.

But I AM in your shoes and it WILL be okay. So believe me! :-)

About the same time I posted about Adele', an internet pal shared that they thought her newborn daughter was blind. Later, they found out that was the LEAST of her worries. Not only was she blind but she had a rare disorder where her brain was not actually fused together like it ought to have been. Nothing was said about life expectancy, but it doesn't look good. Reading her story made me praise GOD for Adele's possible lack of hearing and her obvious health otherwise. It put it all in perspective.

My advice to you is this: if you need a break from thinking about it---take it. Don't let anyone persuade you otherwise or make you feel guilty for just setting it aside for a bit. Hold your (oh so sweet) bundle and love on him just as he is. After a while, you will forget all about the hearing issue.

And THAT's when you know you can handle it.

Be well!

Rebecca said...

holy cow. I did not realize I had written so much until I saw it was published.

So sorry!

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