Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcome June

Yesterday was the first day of June. A beautiful warm late spring day. The kind that cradles you in its arms and says I am so glad you are here to play with me.

I wish I would have done more of that but yesterday was a tough pregnancy day. Lots of ill feeling, body pains, exhaustion, and nearly a complete inability to move. But the good news is yesterdays ailments are over and after a good nights sleep I feel 100% better today. Good enough to labor if you so be it baby. I am at 38 weeks and feel like it. I am very excited and mostly very thankful to the Lord for this precious blessing He will soon deliver.

The boys were able to get in some good outdoors time. They usually tend to play together pretty well. A few arguments come form the competitive side of the both of them. They are at such sweet ages where they love to be divided into teams. We have Gregory representing the red team (when he is not the Pirates) and Evan representing the blue team. I have no idea why or where they got this. But it makes life easier on me. For instance they will no longer have matching tableware sets but they each will have their team color. It is so much easier when one wants more juice and I know immediately which cup is whose by the color. Also if I find cups, shoes, or toys laying around the house there is no denying whose it is. I simply say blue team come get your ______ and put it away.

They love these big blocks! My mother brought them up for the boys in 2 large garbage bags and I thought oh my what big toys. My husband and I are not fans of BIG or little toys, toys with lots of pieces and toys with lots of instructions, toys that make the children dirty or make messes everywhere, toys that kill the grass or get stuck to everything in the house in fact we are just pretty anal people. I suppose if the it weren't for people bringing the boys presents the children would be left with well...humm...?


Today is the second day of June a slightly chillier rainy day. But it is early, their is time and hope for our late afternoon T-ball game to proceed. For a break in the sky which would enable us to take a bike ride. Maybe those events are not in the cards for us today could just be the perfect days for laundry, grocery shopping, or a trip to the library.

However our day turns out I thank the Lord for his blessing for the time to spend with the boys. The great family he has provided for us. A sweet little home to keep us dry and very busy. The rain however brief or long to water our plants and provide us with the food for our bodies. (Plants from farmers obviously not the ones we are growing). Thank you Lord for all you are and for all you are doing.

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Anonymous said...

Hello friend,
Thanks for stopping by and sweet comments. I enjoy my roses...Your boys are so precious....What a lovely family you have.....You looks great to be 38 weeks...My prayers are with you and sending blessing comes your way....Congrats....Smiland Hugs..Katherinellen

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