Friday, August 28, 2009

porch art

A bored little boy dragged me into the laundry room and pointed up at a high shelf. Not saying anything just pointing and looking pathetically cute. What was my dear love wanting? The sidewalk paint. It sits up there everyday and taunts him. Play with me, play with me it calls out to Evan. And Evan ALWAYS wants too. But we haven't a paved driveway. Nor will I let them go out to play in the street. We take our paints and chalks to the park. But with our newborn it is harder to find the time and energy to go to the park. SO staring down at the most beautiful face in the world I then turned reached up and grabbed the paint. I got the biggest smile lots of love, hugs and kisses. He would gladly give those to me at anytime with out reason but the joy it feels to make him smile like that is so warming.

We went out to the front porch and I mixed the paints, they are all concentrated. Evan was all aglow and went to his artistic self.

He at first painted a few pictures but then he realized it was more fun to paint him. He painted his little hands and feet and then painted the porch. Walking up and down in green, pink, yellow and blue he left a wonderful masterpiece. We had a great time and now until it rains we will be able to smile at our time painting everyday.


What a fantastic little boy!

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