Friday, August 28, 2009

The boys are away

They are gone for the weekend. Today the boys took off to their grandparents house for the weekend. What am I gonna do?

Blog, yup how much fun to be able to write.
Watch TV uninterrupted, Oh Martha how I miss you.
Exercise, I could if I wanted to but....
Sleep, we all know how deprived I am.
Go out to eat at a restaurant for ADULTS
Sew, no little greasy fingers to touch my machine and fabric.
Yard Sale, how easy it would be to not have to take 3 kids out of 3 car seats every stop and deal with I want that! And it is 99% of the time junk.
Antique, the adult version of yard saling.
Shop, but I would probably just spend my time in the little boys section.

Humm think I will go to LOWES. And surprise the hubby with a project for when he gets home. I should be able to sneak in a few of the others as well.


I walk around haunted by the children's presents. Pictures, clothes, toys, empty beds, I DO MISS them. But they are having fun. And so should I.

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