Thursday, August 27, 2009

May 10, 2009

Sure Mothers Day was back in May but my gift did not look like this then. Besides the blessing of just being a mother to three, then 2, precious boys I received a great gift. I was not made of diamonds and pearls, nor adorned it lace and gold. It was great because it was something I wanted. Something I had said I wanted just a few times a while back. It means they were listening!


It is a strawberry planter. It is wonderful. I love strawberries and so does my Evan. These plants are supposed to be ever bearing but that's yet to be determined. In fact what the berries taste like is still something to find out.

The first quarter size strawberry was gobbled up by my husband. Evan reminds me of this constantly. "Mommy Dad ate my strawberry! It was for me! Bad Daddy!!!" Sine that incident Evan keeps a watchful eye on it and picks off any size berry he finds. Usually they do not even get the chance to grow past the size of a dime.

So will I ever get a berry? Maybe. Will we ever be able to make a delicious dessert wit them? Probably not. Do I still love my Mothers Day gift? Absolutely!

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