Sunday, March 7, 2010

9 months old

Soft, kissable, sweet, the best baby in the world. How much do I love this little boy. I could not begin to say. I love Smiley. I love to play with him and mostly kiss him all over, gobble him up. I don't mind changing his diapers when it reveals his fat tummy. Every time I put my lips to it and blow he giggles and smiles so large. He has been a blessing brought in to our lives.



He is now 9 months old. Wow. He now has two little teeth and still a bald head. But a fuzzy bald fun to rub and pet almost like a puppy. He reminds me a lot of a little puppy. The other day as I came home he quickly crawled to mama with a tiny baby shoe in his mouth, precious. He is crawling around my legs right now and when you catch his big beautiful brown eye he will flash you his famous smile.

He is so cute so darling. I am so in love. He still only says dadadada , I am working on that. He now can pull himself up to a stand. He can walk along things. He looks so baffled when his oldest brother grabs him and carries him around the house. He gets in to everything and everything goes in his mouth.

He is love. He is sunshine. He is light. He is wonderful. He is heaven sent. He is Smiley and he is 9 months old.

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