Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bakugan scares baby

I was in the front of the house yesterday and I heard my baby screaming. It was a sharp high pitched scream one of uncomfort or dislike. It was short and as quick as he screamed it stopped by then seconds later he would do it again. I thought his brothers were doing something to their baby to aggravate him. I could not understand why their father would not steep in and stop it as he was in the room with all three.

The screaming kept up and I had enough. I ran into the room to take care of Brendan yelling Jay "why won't you help him!" I was silenced and shocked to see Jay was the one making baby scream and baby and he was just fine. The four of them were playing Bakugan. Or should I say the three of them were scaring Brendan with Bakugan.

What a silly baby. He was briefly upset every time the charter was dropped and spun on the floor. He had the greatest haunted fun house look to his precious self. There was no need for me to worry. But every need for me to grab the camera.

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