Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh baby

What gives you permission to lay on the couch (to much), eat a blueberry pie (all by yourself), and take afternoon naps? Yes it is the delightful excitement of a new pregnancy! Yes that is right I am excited to announce that baby number 4 is on the way!

I am excited, I am tired. Gregory is so happy as he loves babies and is a great helper with them. Evan said the best part about a new baby is kissing him, hugging him and swimming him. Lets question the "him" part. So far the family consequences is we would like a girl/sister. I have been longing for a girl. I would absolutely love to add a girl to our family. The dress, the bows, the pink, and all the girly stuff. It would be wonderful.

A while ago I stopped adding blue to my wardrobe. There are still some pieces in it but they are few. I am just tired and overwhelmed by boy in this house. There are firetrucks, trains, bats, and balls everywhere. You can quickly get over run by the testosterone. The last thing I want is to live in a man cave. I think adding girls would be a nice mix to the balance. Jay disagrees with me. Although he wants a girl too he believes with 3 older brother she would turn out a tom boy. I whole heartily disagree. Not with a mother like me. So if we have a girl, we should have two. So she can have a sister and break up so much of this "boy". Wow will I ever not be pregnant?

With all that said I however have moved to also wanting another boy?1? Yes that's right. I would be over the moon to welcome another boy. They are just so cuddly and wonderful. It would be special to have 4 boys. So luckily either way I am very happy.

Early last week I felt horrible. Doubled over in pain horrible. My stomach was killing me I could not walk, eat, anything. The pain was not going away. I went to the hospital and had test after test ran. The doctors saw nothing wrong they could not figure it out. The good news is they also ran an ultrasound and there was the baby. Doing perfect! The heartbeat was at 145 bpm and baby was in the right part of my body everything looked good. Baby looked good for as much as a 7 week baby looked. I am not one to be able to see the ultrasound pictures clearly.


Even though I went to the hospital in pain what a joy to see the baby. They measured the baby and said I am seven weeks along. We should welcome this baby at the end of March.

They gave me morphine and vicodine for the pain. I never new you could take such strong medicine while pregnant. But it worked I was beginning to feel better. And we realized the problem was a food allergy I had.

My family was happy I was home and happy to see our first baby picture.



Jay was laughing at me for how relaxed I was and fine with everything. But I was not in so much pain and it kept getting better the further away it got from what I only took a few bites of. The boys just decided to take pictures. Oh well gotta love them. Note the blue wall behind me? Too much blue.

With my last pregnancy I took pictures every week. With this one I will too. So to another wonderful baby and a new pregnancy here starts my pregnancy week by week. I am now in my 8th week. I am not showing yet and anything that might look like a baby bump is just left from my Smiley. I had every intention of losing the last 20lbs from my last pregnancy, but now I don't have to! :) At least not yet.


Evan my sweetheart. No matter how many babies I have he is my baby. I love him and I love 5. His sayings are so cute and is love and caring are so genuine.


Smiley will have the biggest change. He loves being the baby. He wants to be carried and cuddled all the time. What a joy he is such a wonderful addition to our family. He is entertaing, he loves to dance and of course smile. He also thinks he is as big as his brothers and more than anything wants to be like them. So now that he will have someone to follow him and want to be just like him, well I think he will enjoy that too. At least he will have a partner to play with.

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Stacy Rajab said...

How exciting!! Wow 4! I only have 3 and it's tiresome. Congrats. No matter what you have (girl, boy) he/she will be a joy.

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