Thursday, August 12, 2010

T-ball awards

At the end of July came a day that my big boys had been looking forward to since the beginning of spring, epically Evan. He has actually been looking forward to it sine the same time last year. It was awards night for t-ball and the boys were getting their trophies!

They had a pool party as well. His baseball coach rented out the community pool for the team so there were hardly any people. The whole uncroweded pool was just for them, and their familes.

As it came time to go we open up the front door and saw an evacuation of our small town down our street, so it seemed. We jumped in our car and joined in the caravan headed towards the pool. All the cars went their and all the kids ran out excitiedly.

For a brief few seconds they played in the water toys.



But that could not keep either boy happy. Evan jumeded in the big pools and Gregory made his way to the big slide. Which he then spent the rest of the time ridding repeditaly.



They swam for quite some time till hunger set in. Lo and behold there was a huge spread of food there for them. Pizza and so much junk food. The pizza, if you stacked the boxes high they would have gone over the height of the boys. Heck they would have gone over the height of me. And two long picnic tables full of chips cookies, and tones of junk food that will make all the kids need a dentist visit the next day. They made many trips up and consulted which was the best.


Then the time came for the awards. Evan was ready. He's been ready for so long. Being the younger brother he has had to sit back and watch Gregory receive awards and trophies and him receives nothing. Now it's his turn. His first trophy!


He was so proud! He ran around and showed it to every one. He smiled ear to ear. This was better than the soda and candy. He shared it with his baby telling him when you are 5 you can play and get a trophy too.


Congratulations to my Braves, you did it. You played well and you won. You practiced all the time you gave it your best and now you got a trophy. Mommy, Dad and baby are proud of you.



Anonymous said...

Karen - Love your blog! Keep up the good work - I love hearing about all your adventures. Congratulations to Greg and Evan on their T-Ball trophies. Good job! You make a Grandma proud!

nomo wino daph said...

That time how you document it!
Just stopping by for FF to say HEY:)

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Just found your blog via the blog hop- your kiddos are adorable!

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