Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 8: Least favorite thing about the Holidays

Day 8: Least favorite thing about the Holidays

The easiest of all answers: STRESS! Every holiday has some but why is it Christmas has so much? People look forward to the idealistic illusion of Christmas through out the year. Family coming together, lights strung around the house, a beautiful trimmed tree, all of the kids clean posed perfect for the Christmas card shot, snowflakes and sugarplum fairies. When reality hits them that Christmas is coming it most often is met by a sigh of not yet.

Now each year retailers bring it on earlier why? I do know the monetary answer but it does not make sense. People seem to shun the thought of Christmas in July or August. When you next start seeing the Christmas decorations mixed with Halloween pumpkins shoppers remark "isn't it to early?" The stores do not seem to please people by bringing it out earlier and earlier.

Now as we just passed black Friday and are in full and only Christmas season anxiety hits and stress levels go up. Why... the pressure. To make the idealistic version reality.

This year I personally fell more stressed out than others. I honestly think it has more to do with the fact I am pregnant but there are also many other normal contributing factors. I don't want that type of holiday. I don't want to be the person that stress makes me. I am not going to have it from this day forward.

People find stress in the appearance and consumerism of Christmas. When it is not all about that. Like the saying goes Jesus is the reason for the season. We need to redirect our focus. December is in one day. And I saw a familiar verse tonight that could not be better.

I Peter 5:7 "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you."

He cares for me! This is the season to rejoice and give thanks in Him, celebrate the birth of the Christ. When I focus on the Lord I am not stressed out by the pressure. Instead I am dreaming in the nativity. I am at peace and joyful. I am who I want to be at Christmas and all the time. For this reason I am going to try two additional challenges.

The first is reading a chapter out of Luke each day. There are 24 chapters. I am going to set my alarm 40 minutes earlier from now on. I am going to wake up and read while the house is silent. It will start my day on the right foot and let me lead through out that day in the right spirit. If you would like to join in on this too you are so welcome. Welcome to our wonderland is hosting it:


Secondly I am going to join in at Women living well. She is suggesting 5 easy and free things this December that give us a moment to calm down and relax. So easy and so many benefits. To find out more about her's and join in check it out:

Women Living Well Blog: Peace On Earth December Challenge - Come Link Up!:

When relaxed and re focused the rest will fall into place. I plan not to spend time worrying but doing. I am not going to worry about decorating, shopping, cleaning I am going to get it done. I love the glitz of the holiday and I don't plan on ignoring that I plan on enjoying it. I am excited and ready not to be stressed.

I wonder how many people are gonna say fruitcakes?


Gidget Girl Reading said...

I love waking up early and reading and journaling too the house is quiet i sip my hot tea.

thanks for joining in the bible challenge I'm looking forward to this so much!

Little Miss Martha said...

I feel you on the stress thing! I am stressed all the time... mostly from financial strains, but I just figure I need to relax a little more.

And don't stress too much... even if they don't say it, everyone appreciates you and what you do! :)

Lindsi said...

Great ideas! It is so easy to get stressed out about the holidays, so it's important to me to take time to remember WHY we are celebrating. I LOVE your link to Rediscovering Christmas.

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

Stress... Oh my I couldn't agree more! I hate that word and I have let it define me way too many times! I am ready to kick that emotion to the curb... ya know we all stress about money, kids, etc etc... we just need to let what will be... simply be! Hope you are having a wonderful day and I look forward to following your blog! I am a new follower ;)

Molly said...

What a wonderful idea to wake up early and read the book of Luke in the silent, I might have to do that as well!

Thanks for linking up!

Sugar & Spice said...

I agree!! Stress is my least favorite thing about this holiday season..

Anonymous said...

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