Monday, November 15, 2010

Things I wish I had know years ago

One of the baby items I have never enjoyed are baby gates. I hate the way they look and mostly climbing over them. With those feelings the last thing I wanted to do was spend a lot of money on baby gates. I bought the ugly cheapo ones from wal mart and figured I would only use them for the brief time I had to. I did not understand yet ALL the "brief" times that were really install for me.

Eight years now into my baby adventure I went out and bought better, more expensive, walk through baby gates. I shopped around at a few different store and was surprised to see how few of them carried baby gates. I even looked at pet smart. I shopped online thinking I could find a good deal but in the end back to wal mart I went and bought two of these walk through gates and for surprisingly and thankfully $40 each.

Now I have one for the bathroom and one for the sun room, where the kids are most of the time. That gate will keep Smiley out of the kitchen and cut off his free roam of getting into everything!


With the four year break between Evan and Smiley I had forgot how much I hated gates around the house. But Smiley can be a pain. When he is done eating he's done and will not sit in his high chair any more. We are forced to take him out and then he will not let anyone else finish eating. He will climb all over them and throw there food. He loves to run to the laundry room and throw things away. He does so many thing that require him to be locked into one spot we have to use a baby gate very often.


Gregory just like Jay and I can hop over the gate but Evan is just not quite tall enough. I got to the point being pregnant I just can't lift him over anymore. Plus he always has to go over for some reason. It was time we got walk through gates.


The gates went up in a matter of minutes and seem pretty strong. Everyone but Smiley can walk through them. Boy does he hate that. No more lifting on my half. However now they are constantly going through them it is driving me nuts. But I think that phase will end when the newness wears off.


It is so convenient, still ugly, but if you have to have gates this is definitely the way to go. I wish someone would have told me this at the beginning.

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Convicted without a crime! :)

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