Monday, July 4, 2011

Sometimes it is fun

People who say fishing is relaxing, it easy to grab your gear and jet off to the lake, well have never fished with my clan. And the ones who have usually don't again. But despite all the many loads of gear, the frustration of watching 2 babies around water and hooks, and the loud boredom of the bigger boys, we go anyways.

We went for fathers day.


The boys had bought him some new gear for the occasion and as it was the first time we went out this season everyone was very excited.


We took the truck, we had to drive off road to our not so secret spot. We filled the bed with half our house. That the babies require that dad had to bring down.

So of the goodies were delicious food I made and he threw on the grill. We did not catch any fish but our belly's were full.

We fished on land.


We fished on the lake.


We fished all day, all fathers day. It was a nice one out with the family.
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