Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tuckered out

For two weeks now the children and I have been on go, go, go. For the last two weeks the boys have gone to camp all day 8:30 to 4 to come home for an early dinner only to be gone around 6 to Vacation Bible School. It is hardest on the boys as they play heavily at camp all day. And manage to have plenty of energy to jump dance and sing through VBS. This week I am leading the 6th graders again at VBS so I get to stay there jump, dance and sing also. My kids are amazing. They are a bit hard to wake in the morning but they have more energy than a red bull and monster combined. They make it home they managed to stay up til 11PM!!!! on Tuesday watching Americas got talent. Each night I make it to the couch.

Karen sleeping with Faith

Each night he is home Jay snaps a picture of me sleeping on it. He is also a trooper working a 15 hour shift last night, over night and just after finishing over a week with out a day off doing these overnight shifts. I could have took a picture of him falling asleep while climbing the stairs this morning but that would have just been mean. It was funny though.

Today it is hot heat index is 120. I was going to garden after I dropped my little angles off at 7:30 this morning thinking it would be cool then but it was all ready in the 90's. Whew! My oldest said to me "mom, people complain they want it hot when it is cold and when it is hot they say it is too hot. I don't get it?" Wisdom form my young son.

Only two more days and our busy, busy, busy two weeks will be done. Then for the first time this summer we have a break. We have little scheduled and lots of time to play.

Home photo

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