Saturday, December 24, 2011

A cat came to us

A few weeks ago a little scraggly cat came around on a Sunday night.  It stood across the street and meowed.  It looked so hungry.  We brought out a bowl of milk and the cat eventually came to us.  We let it drink and it snared and ran away.  Stupid cat.  We did not see it again.

One week later the same day it came back.  But this time I had picked up a small bag of cat food that day to leave out with the milk.  My son was so excited and joyfully feed this cat.  We let the food alone and went inside.  The next day the food was gone.

Later that week when I was at work and my husband was on the computer the cat got in the house and surprised him by jumping on his lap.  He pet the cold cat and then threw it back outside.  From then on it has hung around the front sometimes still finding its way inside.

The boys have continued to feed it, pet it and sit at the door and talk to her through it.  They wish we would let her be our inside cat but that is not in the cards.  We sometimes have a dog and that cat would drive the dog nuts.  Which would drive me nuts.  Plus I have a large tropical fish tank that would look like a buffet.  If that was knocked over it the weight would crush any of my kids underneath.  plus at a doctors appointment yesterday they specially asked me if I had any contact with a cat and I told the story of our new outside cat they immediately sent in for blood work for toxoplamosis.  It will remain an outside cat.

My Evan has named her Wyatt.  There dad has said he will build Wyatt a little  house outside so she wont freeze.  They have really took to her.  Big smiles across there faces.  There dad says she is special because she chose us.  I say ugh....  But I love my boys so now we have an out side cat.



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