Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gregory's weekend away

After November ended so warmly December cam in frigid.  It was so cold.  So why not send my son off camping?  Gregory left by himself  to his first ever sleep away camp.  It was not long 3 days, 2 night but that was long enough for the rest of us.  We all missed him so much!  We are never apart.  Evan his closest brother cried from the time we dropped him off till he went to bed that night.  Evan was sad the following day but his younger brother moped around as well.  We were all looking forward to picking him back.

While we were sad Greg was having a great time!  He was staying in a warm cabin.  When I dropped him off there I felt better about that.  I had bought him a mummy sleeping bag on black Friday and sent him with warm pj's and blankets.  He probably just need the pj's and blanket, I believe the cabin was warmer than our house. Comforting.  Still it was hard to leave him.  He was so excited even the counselors questioned if there was anything else I needed because I kept hanging around.

The days went quick for him.  He was so busy.  They had study times,


guest speakers that were famous balloon artist, games, songs, food.  And my super picky eater who I packed a bag full of food with him because I was worried he would starve did not touch what I sent and ate every meal they gave him.  At least some portion of it.  What music to my ears he is warm AND not starving!  But do you see him all bundled up in the picture?  What is that all about?  Well at lest he was not cold.

His favorite activities of the weekend were what they call the flying squirrel and go carts.  The flying squirrel I don't fully understand but from the few pictures I have seen pared with his description it seems like you are harnessed up and he swing you around?


The best part of him being away was picking him up.  He had hours worth of chatter box stories to tell us.  We all listened and found his adventures so funny and exciting.  Evan now can not wait to go also.  I am amazed in his confidence and how grown up he is.  We dropped him off and he knew no one who was going, but declared that's not a problem I will make some friends.  He returned from his first experience away from his family even better than before.  I love my little , I guess big, guy.

I am glad he had fun.  I am glad he got to go.  I am glad we celebrated his homecoming with cake.  I am glad he is home.

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michelle said...

I love that you celebrated his homecoming with cake. :) So very sweet! And it's sooo hard letting go, I know. :(

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