Sunday, December 11, 2011

Letting your friends babysit

Today a brave friend, her husband, daughter, daughter's friend, volunteered to watch my 4 for the afternoon in her house full of all the above mentioned plus her 2 boys and a handful of their friends there too.  Yes she had more than a hand full.  But the first for were really the ones going to watch my babies and my two big ones ran off with the older boys.

After the afternoon of shopping I came back and collected all of mine to their disappointment.  They wanted to stay and play.  It was sad I had to bribe them to come home with the doughnuts in my trunk.

Once home I went to change the babies and....


She put the diaper on backwards!  Bahaha.  It has been a long time since her 3 were babies and I guess you can forget.  You would think with all those helpers it would have been a different story but no.  It made me laugh.

The baby in the picture is not mine I took that off the web.  You would not have wanted to see a picture of my babies diaper before I changed it.

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