Friday, February 3, 2012

My new car

If you have been reading my blog for a little while you know 2 things about me.

              1. I wanted and have lots of children
              2. I need a new car that can fit everyone I always liked red Suburbans but I never like the payments and my husband did not want another gas guzzling car.

So don't you think I was floored today when we went out and got me a....SUBURBAN!!


Yes.  That is right in fact I am still in shock.  Twice today once for getting it and twice when I signed my name to the loan.  I now unfortunately have car payments again.  And will till it is replaced by my yet to be born baby's school payments.  So lets not think about that.  I will try to pay it off early.  And really when I am filling up that 33 gallon tank I think I will cry more over that weekly payment than the monthly one.

Lets just focus on I got a fully loaded car that is big enough for my family plus one more!  I was hoping for the 9 passenger but oh well, like I said I never really expected to get this anyways.

We had briefly started too look at vans.  The larger multi passenger full size vans.  But even though we found a good local deal we did not get it.  It was a V8, in fact all the full size vans are V8's and Jay really wanted to stay away from that.  He did not want another big gas guzzler.  We have a V10 so I absolutly understand.  I did not arguee.  I thought that is okay.  We have time to look.  We can find a mini van with a V6.  They right car will come along.  But I prayed that night.  I asked God to help us find the right car.  To buy one under his guidance.

We got an auto trader and there was  nothing in there I liked or wanted.  Well at least not for the price.  I glanced through it another time during the week but did nothing else.

A friend told me about a deal on a tan Suburban.  I listened, smiled, and left it at that showing no interest.  After all why like the car when it was not what we were going to get.  It was not at all what Jay wanted and it was not the maroon red that I really liked.  Plus Suburbans=expensive.  How could I afford it.  And even though we looked a little we were not committed or ready to buy.

I mulled it over in my mind for a few days.  Then causally yesterday I mentioned it.  Jay said I am interested sounds good.  What?  This had all the boxes checked that you don't want.  I still kinda shrugged it off.  I laughed haha yea right I going to actual entertain the thought I might get this.  So I continued with the daily activities.  But curiosity got to me.  I called the bank.  I ran over all sorts of loans with the lender.  I was not impressed with the interest rates.  I have bought and paid off early, 2 cars with them I thought they would have something snazzy to offer something that would make me feel like we must jump at this.  But they did not so I left it at that and went on with the day.

The kids came home and I took them swimming and wouldn't you know it we parked next to a blue suburban.  I told the boys mommy and daddy are thinking about looking at one of those.  They got excited and started saying how cool it was.  They are such cheerleaders.  With their enthusiasm I thought why not look.  I won't even apply for the loan we will just look.  So when I came home I called at 8:30 at night and made an appointment for 9 am.  I received the conformation at 6:30 am and I was going to see it.

Dressed in jeans I can't even button and a hoodie once Jay got home we went to see it. He liked it, my cold self liked the heated leather seats.  It has so many extras.  3 different types of 4 wheel drive options that are all at a push of a button next to the memory positionable seats buttons under the gps.  Not that I use 4 wheel drive often because I don't like the cold and can't drive in snow but its there.  And no more cold for me with the remote start.  But the best it has a.... cassette player!?!  Okay I did not know they even put those in cars anymore. Do they still make cassettes?  What till we have to explain what a cassette player and cassettes are to the boys.  It is not going to stay and will be replaced with Sirius xm.

I liked it.  But I was not in love.  Not even with the huge amount of space and 3 rows of  leather .  But the stroller storage was growing on me.  Jay said lets go ahead and do it.  And with a smile we were off to the bank.  At the bank they gave me the snazzy offer I was looking for.  They asked me what do I want to pay for it a month and I gave them a  low joking number.  After playing with some numbers they gave me a monthly payment $100 dollars lower than that!  How?  A low interest rate and 5 year loan.  Yahoo.  I can afford it!  Why because my credit score is good.  Higher than I thought it was and something I had been working on.  The yes that I wanted answer to buy this car was there.  Now it is feeling good and I feel like God had his hand in it putting the pieces together for me better than I could have imagined.  If only it was the red....

We signed all the papers this afternoon it is said and done it is ours.  We both had different things to do today so when I went and paid for it I could not pick it up.  The oldest in my entourage is still in a car seat.  So it still will sit at the dealer till Monday.

I can't believe it I got my suburban.



Anonymous said...

Very nice!! And.... don't ya just love the new car smell?? :)

Chrissy said...

Awesome!! What a great pick!!! :)

Liam Falbo said...

Your new car looks huge! It's perfect for large families. I think the car payments would be worth it, since a ride like that would be useful and convenient for the family that you have right now. You’d have ample space for luggage, if you ever plan on going on road trips!

Andrea Martin said...

Sweet! I got a new car last week and now planning to drive it around the town this coming weekend.

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Erwin Calverley said...

Congratulations on your new auto! I’m glad that you were able to get the car of your choice. Indeed, Suburban cars are ideal family cars because of the ample passenger and cargo space. You wouldn’t have any problems in loading lots of stuff, or whether there would be enough space for the kids. Also, this type of vehicle has superb safety features and gives optimum performance

Leisa said...

Yay! I may be a bit late, but congratulations! No worries, sometimes, it really takes quite a while to absorb the worth of some things. :) I’m sure you’ll adore it even more, just give it some time. Anyway, always remember to have your car brought to the car wash so that you could keep molds from appearing in your car.

Leisa Dreps

Da said...

Congrats Karen! I am not brave enough to get the suburban solely because of the gas prices. I am sure PA gas is much cheaper than Mont. Cnty gas! It's great to go everywhere in one vehicle!

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