Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fun in the warm January days

We have been having such a warm winter.  I can not remember one like this.  Since we got a decent snow storm in October I thought this is going to be one tough winter.  But it hasn't.  In fact last week was in the 60's.  It did snow a little bit on Saturday and Sunday but it had been to warm to stick and melted as quick as it came down.  Just making a mess really.  This week is warm again.  And we have been taking advantage of it.

The boys got scooters and light up wheels for Christmas.  Evan picked them out for his brothers on black Friday and we really did not think about the cold winter weather then.  But it has not been an issue when it reaches in the 60's some days.  They grab them and head outside without coats.



Faith loves being outside.  She really enjoys watching the boys zoom around her.


But they think she would prefer it to be zooming too.


Smiley has a cars scooter.  He loves cars.  He used to just call it "wace carrsz" but now he is understaning the race cars name is lightning mcqueen.  So it is now "wace carrsz mcqueen".  I love 2.  He really is to little for the scooter.  He just walks it around or stand and I push.  But before we know it he will be zooming away.

He took a hard fall to the face trying though.  Left the poor baby with a big scrape across his jaw.  After that he was done scootering and thought running would be just fine.


It is nice to have a warm winter.  It is nice to not be stuck inside everyday.  But I do not think we are out of winter yet.  A big snow or two could be on its way.  I wont worry about it but enjoy what we have now.

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michelle said...

We're digging the warm temps too! And Lily got a scooter for her birthday and skates for Christmas. Not sure what I was thinking, seeing as how she still can't even ride her tricycle properly! I'm praying Miles will be coordinated. :)

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