Monday, April 1, 2013

Good Friday

We had a great time Good Friday.  The weather was sunny and warm the kids were off, again.  It was nice having them back at school 3 days before they had another day off.  This March they were home more than they were at school not by sickness but by holidays and breaks.  Having them home can be a lovely thing except they attend private school and tuition is the same whether they are at school or home.  And secondly March has been so snowy and cold we were all stuck inside.  That is why Good Friday was such a good Friday with the warm sunshine I decided a day at the park was what we needed.

I packed up six lunch boxes and we were gone.

 photo IMG_0018_zps0f97505a.jpg

Do you remember when you were a child on a field trip and the teachers would but all the lunches in a large box to make it easy to transport them, I kinda felt like that.  These kids were hungry too they lightened my load as soon as they could.

We drove up the "mountain" to Blue Ridge Summit where we did not count on the temperature to drop as much as it did , plus it was shaded and a bit windy up there too.  The kids quickly said its cold lets go back to a park at our home!  I can't blame they I was cold too.  But I did not want to pack everyone back up so I went to the truck.  Having little babies and boys I almost always an extra set of clothes for each child with me.  This time I only had clothes for the tiny team.  Ugh, what to do?  I took the extra shirt I had for Faith a tiny 24 month thing and put in on my Smiley under his long sleeve shirt.  It was tiny on him.  I took Smiley extra 4T shirt and put it on Evan who wears a 6/7 under his long sleeve shirt also.  It was tiny on him too.  The two small shirts on the boys were like 3/4 sleeve and mid drifts!  It was funny but that is why I had them put the small ones under there normal clothes and you know what they were warm and never complained again.  I gave Gregory my jacket since he dressed in short sleeves to the weather at the house.  And the girls I had wanted to get a picture of them in their semi matching outfits so I had overdressed them at home.  They were both wearing turtlenecks and the matching similar ponchos.  They were fine.  All were warm and happy, ready to play, but I was chilly now oh well sometimes that happens being mom.

 photo IMG_0118_zps15836b05.jpg

 photo IMG_0112_zpsa48ab015.jpg

Gracie was so happy to crawl around and play.

There was a huge play set that they went up and down the slides on.

 photo IMG_0134_zps7da2ff94.jpg

 photo IMG_0126_zpsa085dfb2.jpg

It had a rock wall they enjoyed too.  But the girls had fun playing on the lower levels.

 photo IMG_0125_zps82c062f7.jpg

Sister kisses

It had a few of these poke hole windows and the kids mostly ate there lunches up in them.  It was great watching them play and use their imaginations.  It was great being out of the house.

 photo IMG_0032_zps3849d798.jpg

But what they like the best was swinging.  They kept calling this blue swing the big chubby swing.  It was funny except for the argument of whose turn it was for it.

 photo IMG_0058_zpsd351983f.jpg

Haha Faithy kept trying to push her Yaya (Gregory).

 photo IMG_0105_zpse7ee733c.jpg

They have been asking me everyday can we take another trip to the park and have lunch.  It makes my heart smile when they enjoy time out with mom.  Of course we will do it again.  Snow is out of the forecast and we even are looking at some temperatures reaching 70 in the next 10 days!  Hallelujah!!  Winter is over and warm weather is on its way.

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michelle said...

What a fabulous Good Friday! Sorry you had to spend it all cold, though. :( Such sacrifices mamas have to make! And I loved the girls' ponchos. :)

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