Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sister Dance

In 4 short days my princess will be 2.  Already!!! 2 She looks 2, she has had the abilities of a 2 year old for sometime now, she is an amazing big sister , a beautiful princess, my perfect companion, my mini me.

I had started this a bit ago but never edited the photos nor finished writing.  Life got busy can you imagine?  We have been moving crazy fast but that is still no reason I should not take the time to stop and record our memories.

I took these pictures of Faith and the rest of the tiny team snuck in too, back in March.  There is a lot of pictures I will warn you.  But I love looking at the and my pretty girls.

 photo 7c4ce84e-0900-4c05-83b7-4e78881e43c2_zps6916b63a.jpg

She was having a ball doing some dancing in front of the camera.  I just love it.  She is such a happy girl!.  And guess what I found a dance studio not to far away that will take her now!  She can start dance at 2!!  As soon as I figure out some schedules I am getting her in.  I can not wait, she will be So thrilled!!

From pretty ballerina to a monkey, that is Faith :)

 photo IMG_9468_zps8a1047d2.jpg

I love EVERYTHING about her!!

 photo IMG_9482_zps5119933b.jpg

Her silly self

 photo IMG_9492_zpse1498795.jpg

She has a contagious laugh and smile.  She drops her head back and makes everyone happy.

 photo IMG_9496_zpsb3d0ebd2.jpg

She was meant for a catwalk.  I always wanted to enter her in beauty pageants but have you seen the prices for them!  I do have a friend from my high school whose daughter competes and was featured on Toddlers and Tiaras!  Yay for them.  I have not dismissed the idea  I just need to make more money.

 photo IMG_9501_zpsa4a08a3b.jpg

Pink lights for her custom pink and green hearts Lilly outfit.  Another friend of mine who makes these and sells them for babies for nearly $200 a piece at select boutiques, gave one to Faith saying there is not another little girl who should have it more.  That was such a special treat.  My girls Lilly Pulitzer wardrobe easily 8x larger than mine.  Okay I am a tiny bit jealous   She got a new Lilly dress today too!  Beautiful dress!!  Bad story that accompanies it, I will tell it another time.

 photo IMG_9514_zps71954ad5.jpg

Why is my sister invading my photo shoot?

 photo IMG_9522_zps773f341c.jpg

Okay she can be here.
After all they are the best of friends and so amazing together. And such a pretty pair.

 photo IMG_9525_zps3a2e3629.jpg

I don't know what to say

 photo IMG_9528_zps8e94ffb6.jpg

When I start seeing those faces I know my time is limited.  Plus I am SO NOT crazy about the back drop (Muslin).  I got the whole workings for Christmas.  Stands, lights, 3 muslins, green screen screns, runner, I was over the moon.  But this one, the white one, sucks.  It is light weight and I ironed it before hand and it still looks like this!  UHG  I will be buying more soon, once I stop buying the girls more Lilly outfits.

 photo IMG_9530_zpsd3ef7320.jpg

Of course being baby though she eats the lights.

 photo IMG_9535_zps71d7bd0a.jpg

And then laughs about it, oh how much we love her too!

 photo IMG_9536_zps21fac1b6.jpg

Oh but wait... is that a bow you are wearing to baby?  My old bow??

 photo IMG_9538_zps5f57393f.jpg

I think not!  MOM!!


 photo IMG_9539_zps95c5ec7b.jpg

The tiny team

 photo IMG_9550_zpsa836e341.jpg

Smiley did not want to be left out either

 photo IMG_9563_zps3b367dac.jpg

Gracie started to become interested in the camera

 photo IMG_9449_zpsb77a6ed6.jpg

And when you have had enough, you are done.

 photo 1b7c10c8-edb8-4431-88b8-a5267aa95435_zpsaddbd27b.jpg

LOVE LOVE LOVE my pretty princess

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Angie said...

You have a beautiful team!

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