Sunday, August 25, 2013


We are all fish fans here.  And at Amazonia at the National Zoo we saw so many cool fish.  Huge fish.

 photo IMG_3489_zps2b326b23.jpg

It is hard to see in the whole fish in this picture because it is so dark but the fish was larger than 2 Faith's long!  Faith is just over 3 feet so lets use my fantastic college skills:

 3 + 3 = over 6 feet

Faith  + Faith = it could sallow my kid easy peasy

Actually most animals there could eat my kid.  Glad they are behind glass.

 photo IMG_3491_zps8dee44d8.jpg

The fish were probably thinking the same thing.

 photo IMG_3492_zps1aa70f27.jpg

Gracie thought they were amazing.  

 photo IMG_3493_zps3daa5c20.jpg

I wonder if this will show up but it made me laugh.  Here is a picture of my dad and Gracie, Faith being a goof ball in the back ground too.  They were looking at the stingrays.  I took a picture and my dads head reflected in the glass on the stingray.   

 photo IMG_3494_zps0c3bf9e7.jpg

Awe now sitting pretty.  That more like it, although we see the goof faces as much as her beautiful smile, sometimes combined too.

 photo IMG_3476_zpsd6796ba8.jpg

The prettiest girl in the word.

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