Wednesday, August 21, 2013

End of summer fun

So once again I have neglected this poor blog.  I wish I had more time but it is not there.  In this last week before school starts for me on Monday and the kids on Thursday we have been moving a bit more back to a "normal" routine.  I tried earlier and have succeeded with bedtimes.  They have been going back to bed at 8:30 sometimes as late as 9 but have only been waking up at 7.  We need to be up at 6ish but I have been so tired too, sleeping in a  little is not to bad, till Monday hits.  But with routine I hope come more of a routine that I can update everyone on our family and other cool things.

You know summer is coming to an end when the annual end of summer events start happening.  On the 14th we went to our church's 3 annual End of Summer Party.  We have been going for the past three years and it is always a great night of food, fun and fellowship.

Church is so scattered for most people in the summer this gives us all a chance to come back together and connect.  In our area there are many many farmers and summer is such a busy time you don't always see them.  But when they come back,

 photo IMG_3414_zpsc13a0a13.jpg

They pick your kids up in tractors and bring them to church.

 photo IMG_3416_zps12b183ed.jpg

haha my poor country kids, sorta, I think they have a pretty good life growing up out here.  It is just far different than the big city.

There were many activities for the kids and so much food.

 photo IMG_3409_zpsc1e76f0a.jpg

Is gaga ball popular anywhere else?  It is crazy popular out here.  My kids have become masters of it.  I still don't know the rules.  Either way Faith though she was winning and the other kids helped in that sweet story.

 photo IMG_3394_zps1d571489.jpg

Don't feel bad for babycakes here.  Yes she is fallen down and her brother is obviously taking pride that he bounced her that way.  But she is big enough now she was up and jumping on it as well.  It was impossible to drag the tiny team out of here.

They played games, rode rides, made balloon items, all sorts of fun for hours.  I wished we could have stayed longer but sadly the night came to an end.

 photo 97f9b1ee-92dc-462e-8f6c-b5e434c2f12f_zps72f7c19e.jpg

On the bright side it ended in time for us to get home and me put the kids to bed to be able to watch the season premier of Duck Dynasty all by myself!!!!  What a treat!

 photo ddjusus_zpsdd33319a.jpg

What a great show and fantastic message.  We all enjoy it as a family but it was nice to watch it and hear it too.

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Angie said...

Our school starts on Monday too. It should be interesting watching us try to get up and get motivated. I think it was 11:30 before I went to bed last night. Definitely NOT good!!!

Can you believe I've never watched Duck Dynasty?

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