Friday, August 2, 2013

Going backwards

Rather than start from the beginning I am going to try and go backwards week by week to record my memories.

So this week from Monday July 29 to today Aug 2 here goes:

The older boys had soccer camp all week.  The weather was wonderful and they did AWESOME.  Greg and his team of 2 other players, 1 boy and 1 girl (skinniest thing I have ever seen.  I was so worried anytime she would collide with people I thought she would break.  I would have no trouble in saying I believe Smiley at 4 out weighs her.  She was as old and tall as the boys which made it/her so scary skinny) but they came in first place completely undefeated and never a goal scored on.

Evan's team also 3 players came in second!  Way to go both my boys.

 photo IMG_3203_zps7e62dff9.jpg

The boys got first place for the patriotic attire on team USA day.

Faith came running to me today saying give me your toes.  I looked at her funny and she kept repeating it, so I did as she wanted.  She started painting them.  haha.  She loves to be like mommy.  I paint her toes and she loves that, but she was truly happy to paint mine and hers today.

 photo DSCF0114_zps6926f2ea.jpg

She picked Dora purple sparkly polish

 photo DSCF0111_zpsf2d1bbf3.jpg

She is very good

 photo DSCF0113_zps898ffa13.jpg

And look at this little one growing!  She climbed on big sisters bike all by herself and wanted to go.

 photo IMG_3196_zps652845d4.jpg

And here is one I found of Gregory that Evan took.

 photo DSCF0083_zpsa01830fd.jpg

Pretty good if I do say so.

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Angie said...

You must stay super busy with those kiddos! These are all just so cute

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