Sunday, January 19, 2014

January happenings

Shortly after Christmas we went bow shooting.

 photo IMG_5232_zps9b8ae2bd.jpg

The kids have really been enjoying it and they are not that bad.

Evan got a shot right between the eyes.  Although that is not where you want to shoot to kill it but I do not believe they would ever live through that either.

 photo IMG_5192_zps4e948265.jpg

 photo IMG_5193_zpsf00b4292.jpg

Even I have been joining the boys.  I am decent at this, but I have done it since I was a little older than Gregory.

 photo IMG_5198_zps2268a224.jpg

 photo IMG_5233_zps98895058.jpg

We have not actually done much shooting the past couple weeks since it has been unbelievably cold.  And not the normal me whining about temperatures lower than 70 but truly very in the -20's FREEZING.

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It was a polar vortex.  It was cold!  They shut schools down because the temps were single digits and under, for highs.  The kids have barley been too school this January.  They have had snow days, cold days, ice days a broken heater day, tomorrow is a holiday and Tuesday a teacher in service day.  And Thursday?  Guess What??  We are expecting a second polar vortex.  YAY.  Actually even with all these days off the kids are not that happy about it.  They would rather be at school.

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They certainly have kept me busy here and I am back at school for one of those super condensed super hard January classes.  A 15 week upper level biology class that has so much more chemistry in it I would have thought, all in in 15 days.  Yup a week a day and I should be studying.  But all those have once again left me to neglect this poor blog.  However, that class ends Friday and then back to the normal semester.  And hopefully back outside.

The little princess do go out and play for a few minutes.  But mostly they stay in.  They can not manage to keep their gloves and boots on, so they come in crying and cold.

Faithy dancing away

 photo IMG_5214_zpse425822a.jpg

We are still watching the Nutcracker almost daily.  I bought her 3 different ones after Christmas.  One the real one with live people.  Gregory likes this one best he will sit and watch it with her most anytime.  She loves the Angelina Ballerina one.  Or at least she thinks she does.  She begs for it sings the songs loves watching them for a few minutes but then dances away.  Angelina's best friend in the shows, name is Gracie, too cute.  Lastly she got the wonderpets one.  I think that is the one the tiny team all loves the most.  They are all cute though.  And YES I did get a video of the kids all dancing the Nutcracker like I mentioned here.  I will get that uploaded to youtube sometime in the next month so I can show you.

And both of the girls have been playing with their baby dolls.

 photo IMG_5258_zps336a0054.jpg

They are just such little girls and so much fun to have.  Completely different from the boys yet so much alike too.

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