Saturday, January 4, 2014

When life gives Faith lemons

She loves it.  She takes them from everyone's water and pops them right into her mouth.

 photo IMG_5003_zpsf9657aaa.jpg

Oh yes sucking all the sour juices right out.  And only then stopping to think...

 photo IMG_5007_zps07a931b9.jpg

Maybe I should not have done that?

 photo IMG_5009_zps87745cdc.jpg

But that though goes right out of her head as soon as it comes in.  She then pops the next lemon right in.  I have a feeling that I am going to be watching this one repeat many lessons over and over.

After the Christmas tea the tiny team and me went out to eat with mema and pepa.

 photo IMG_5011_zpsb48b8b80.jpg

 I gave the boys the option of coming with us but they would rather stay at school and have fun there.  That was fine with me I am glad they like it so much.

 photo IMG_5013_zpsa9ce9bef.jpg

These three are hilarious and it is like dinner and a show when you are with them. And it is always nice to go out and taking off making at least 1 meal.

Faithy loved their tree!

 photo IMG_5017_zpse9b309e6.jpg

Awe what sweet Christmas moments.  I did not really stock up after Christmas like I sometimes too.  I was just to burnt out and the prices have not been very good.  I got a few stocking stuffers that are going make an appearance in the kids Easter baskets if I can remember where I had them come Easter.

 photo IMG_5001_zps19ca3622.jpg

My parents

 photo IMG_4996_zps9d5f7d11.jpg

And me and my munchkins with mema.

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