Thursday, January 30, 2014

A surprise Superbowl party

This year we are having a Superbowl party.  But it is a secret.  Yeah kinda weird.  A secret for my non football watching husband.  And a family time celebration  for all of us.  The kids are in on it and they are so happy.  They just eat up the time they get to spend with both mom and dad, all 7 of us having fun.

This year the Seattle Seahawks are in the Superbowl, Washington state is where my husband was born, where we meet.  I don't know where he has lived most of his life, there or other place but that is where he went to grade school and high school.  I even managed to knock out 6 years over there, in college and after.  Hence to say we both have fond memories of Seattle, although none of which have to do with football.

But still with Seattle going to the Superbowl he has become a bit...homesick.  I think he wishes he could be over there in the hype, the celebrating, and with his brothers.  He feels a weird attachment to the team not because he could even name one player but because 3000 miles away something is proving to be good from Washington, at least momentarily. [ Stupid pot smokers, you know I can say that because they will not even remember where they read this from!  Not that I would care if they did.  We really want complete disassociation with such a liberal backwards state.  Nothing against our families over there his and mine, nothing against the beauty because on those few non rainy days each year it is a majestically beautiful place, but we pretty much disagree on everything that is happening over there.]

 photo bowl_zps4b2619c1.jpg

With politics aside we are going to maybe somewhat watch the Superbowl.  No one in our home cares at all about football.  It truly falls below the dirt on our feet.  Honestly, we get pissed when the kids drag mud into the car or someone does not stomp the snow off their feet BEFORE entering the house.  UGH.  And the Superbowl we had to google it a few times to find out the other team and the date.  But because he mummered a few words of  "I think I will watch the Superbowl" I ran with it.  Actually I waited till he repeated that phrase a few times in different occasions.  Because I would rather do anything else.

So we are going to have a Superbowl party.   Now we LOVE Superbowl food.  So that was a no brainier.  I got together a list of so much more food than we could ever eat in a day/week and will cook it.

 photo IMG_5462_zps4fc240c7.jpg
(Ignore the "frump" it was one of my lab days, no glam there.)

I  found a few super cute party ideas on pinterest.  I love parties!  So with both ideas I headed out to collect stuff.

 photo IMG_5479_zps72a7f0c3.jpg
Smiley helping me plan.

You would not believe how difficult this task would become.  I searched so many store and nothing!.  Yes, nothing! 3 sports stores to find outfits...nothing.  One of which was even called Olympia Outfitters.  And for those of you who do not know why that is ironic Olympia is the capital of Washington State.  No Seattle, no Superbowl anything.  I checked 5 general store that have  a bit of everything, you know the Target walmat store and such and they were empty.  They carried nothing mostly.  Except in a weird craft birthday corner spot in 1 of the Walmart there were these

 photo IMG_20140129_140759_zps390b3c93.jpg

my biggest score!  I can't believe how happy I was to find them and the lady at the store when I asked her if there was anything else said it was probably a mistake those were even here.  I don't care, there mistake my miracle.  How perfect.  Trust me I then started checking every craft, dollar and teacher store to find anything else for decoration.  I finally settled on scrapbook stuff and some ideas that will hopeful look as good in reality as in my mind.  Nothing spectacular though.  Again it is okay we will probably switch the channel to Duck Dynasty or anything else during this boring life sucking game.  But the point is we will all be happy to watch anything else together.

Anyways it is a surprise for Jay.  Something I hope makes him smile, even if we do watch it or don't.  We will hopefully have a few couple hours of fun.  Clean fun, as we won't be watching the half time show or commercials.  And yes of course I will be posting the recipes and what happened, the kid games I have planed and did we watch it or not????

So now lets clean and get ready for our Surprise Superbowl Party!

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