Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No floor in the front room

The very front room in our house has been many things since we moved in three years ago. It was a scrap booking room, a storage room, and place for our freezer, a ketch all. We never could really decided what to do with it. Once we started homeschooling the answer became apparent it would be our home school room. We had a lot that needed to be done to this room before we could make it a place to learn.

First we had to empty it out. We actually got that one done a while ago but there was a large restaurant freezer in there. We did not like this freezer. It was to big. We would freeze things and they would get burned before we would get a chance to eat them. But we still wanted a freezer just a smaller one. So we went and and picked up a smaller one that now sits in our laundry room. It is actually to small..oh well. One day while my husband was gone little me manage to get the freezer out of our house and into the front yard with a free sign on it. A few hours later it was gone.

Now the room was completely, absolutely empty. I pulled up the carpet and noticed that there were many spots that had damage on the sub floor. It was going to have to be replaced. So my dear worked hard for days tearing up two layers of the sub floor. They were not easy to get up.


Finally and thanks to my helper it was all up. Then we found out the frame had damage also and would have to be replaced. So now that is the step we are left at. We have no floor. So we are on a hopefully soon to be accomplished mission to build a new floor.

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Tiffanie Lloyd said...

Good luck with that. :) What a great space though for homeschooling!

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