Thursday, April 7, 2011

getting married as a princess

I never had a church wedding. In fact we never had a wedding. I often feel like I missed out. I do want the day to be a princess. To wear the big white dress. To hang the pictures up around the house of us looking are best. It never has worked out for us. But almost 12 years later I wonder if it is appropriate and we still can. Or should I just start saving for my princess' wedding? The children would love to see it, my oldest often asks questions about when we got married and I just can't answer him. I would love for them to be a part of it.

The other day I unexpectedly came across a line of Disney princess dress and are they ever beautiful! Perfect princess dress' for your princess day. I loved them.

Snow White.


What a beautiful top on this dress. I love the flowers and the cut.


Sleeping Beauty.


This is my favorite. There is nothing about it I don't love.




Again the top isn't it great?! It reminds me of her dress. No mice made this this.




Belle was always one of my favorite stories. I love this dress to it is so timeless. Look at the sleeves look at the bunching on the skirt. Look at the detailing the top.




Beautifully form fitting. I love the beading on the bottom and train.




Simple and sexy.




I have not "met" this princess. But this dress is stunning. It is just so beautiful.


This could make anybody want to get married.


Anonymous said...

Oh Karen, you must have a wedding (and invite me of course). You will not regret it. What an awesome opportunity for you to declare your love for one another in front of your children as a recommitment to each other and to God. That would be amazing. I say do it, or I will gift your children with a puppy :)

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

I am getting married in just a few short weeks... I am only 25 and yes this will be my second marriage GASP! You know what they say though everything happens for a reason? I feel like you about six years ago... I got pregnant out of wed lock (another gasp) so the wedding was quick and thrown together... over 75 percent of my family could not attend and it was nothing like it had hoped it would be. I did not feel like a princess for the day and there were no pictures to remind me of it... Now the second time around I am doing things the right way! I do not think it is too late for you to get the wedding of your dreams!!! It will be so worth it ;) I absolutely adore those dresses too!

Jac said...

My wedding only had our immediate families there and I bought a white prom dress to wear! ha... Only disposable camera shots of us at a restaurant afterwards and a two night honeymoon in Niagara Falls... ha! We saved a lot of money! :) We plan to do a big "renewing of our vows" for our 20th anniversary. We said for our 10th- but that came way too soon and we have too many little mouths to feed to be able to sacrafice the money for that! Hopefully in another 9 years... ;) I say do it!

b. lee said...

the 'sleeping beauty' gown is my fav. ~ absolutely dreamy! go for it girl * * if it's something u truly desire ... what a magical day it could be for u & ur fam. :D

Cory (playdates and prescriptions) said...

what gorgeous dresses!! everyone deserves to be a princess for the day!! i say "go for it'!!

Gidget Girl Reading said...

I love belle's dress

glad to see your all doing great!!!

she is such a cutie I miss those sweet baby days.

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