Friday, April 8, 2011

Project 365 week 14

Ah the first week of April. It feels good to be out of March, but I did not think April would be like this. April has shown itself to be busier than March but without the birthday party throwing and with out the end of a pregnancy. We seriously have not stopped to breath. It has been overwhelming. I have started to wonder if we enjoy what we are doing when we feel so bogged down by the activities. A busy week with some low points and many highlights so lets focus on them.

April 2
Bathing baby Faith. Aw I love naked babies and I love when they are clean and so kissable. Her cord also fell off this week surprising and grossing out the boys.


April 3
Took Faith to her first concert. Attaboy. She slept through it.


April 4
It was a warm 80 degree day we went out to the boys soccer practice and soaked in the sun. It felt so good. Smiley spent it rolling down the hills.


April 5
I started running again! Knocked out some miles and burned off a few calories.


April 6
What a crazy day. 3 doctors appointments, 2 dentist appointments, 1 nice lunch with my husband, and AWANAS. But the god part is it is over and NO CAVITIES :) and Gregory finished everything in his book. He is DONE completely done. I am proud of him.


April 7
Ran from practice to practice late for everything. I still need to remember to add an extra half hour before we journey out to load up all the supplies in the car. I will get it sooner or later. Most of the time I pack and load up the day before but that does not matter when you are walking out the door and two babies suddenly need diaper changes.


April 8
It is raining, dark and dreary. I am going to try to take today to stop not leave and clean. Dad can take the kids to soccer this afternoon after all I have to take all 4 to Chucky Cheese on Sunday by myself. I deserve this day off and maybe dinner at the club tonight too.

This is Gregory and his best friend at soccer earlier this week. Great kids ALL BOY.

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