Friday, February 17, 2012

Gender Reveal

So today I found out what baby will be.  I was not planning on finding out till baby was born but sometimes things don't work out as planned.  I found out with all the others so this time I wanted that surprise but questioned if I would be able to wait.  Plus I wanted a baby girl and if it was not another princess I did not want to be upset.  Don't get me wrong I would love a little boy too.  I have the 3 best ones in the world all ready and a partner closer in age for Smiley was a nice hope.  But I wanted a sister for Faith.  That way each sibling would have at least a brother and a sister.  Plus I gotta admit I love the bows and dresses.

I have seen more ultrasounds with this baby than any other.  A blessing.  But many times I have to go to ultrasounds because they can't find the heartbeat.  Today was the same situation.  As a matter of fact I have never heard the heartbeat of this one I have seen it many times but never heard it.  It was counted for me once very early at 180 something.  Which was normal for the week.  On the high side but normal.  Today after a few cups of morning coffee they again could not the heartbeat.  So ultrasound it is.

Baby was fine just moving all over the place.  We saw the position of baby and the it moved completely, flipped around.  We were watching baby with ultrasound and saw the heartbeat so tried to catch it with the doppler.  She sorta did it was jumping up and down as baby kept moving.  The range was 144-166.  But we could never hold it long enough to hear it or get a god reading.

The doctor slipped sounds like a...

Ugh I did not really want to know.  But she said what I though anyways.  The baby flipped around again and the bottom with legs open was front on screen.  Doctor knew what it was.  I had a hard time.  I think I saw the right parts.  But the doctor smiled.  She knew.  I know what she knows too.

I love the big gender reveal parties.  However I do not have time for one right now.  We are heading into March Madness our birthday season.  So I am trying to plan many parties and quickly running out of time as it is.  But I though I would have a quick blog land one with you.

So what do you think it is?????

The facts:
I have 3 boys number 1, 2 and 3.  Number 4 was a girl.  This is number 5.
My husband has 2 brothers.  I have 1 but people say it is the fathers that count.
The heart beat under 10 weeks was in the 180's.
At 18 weeks it is jumping from 144 to 166
I look bigger all over.  But no bump.  Never lost the weight from last time either.
I was 32 when I conceived in October and will be 33 when I deliver in July.
Gender charts were NOT always right before.
And I saw this new prediction method it makes me laugh but you go by the last babies hairline and Faiths is straight.

Okay this one cracked me up.

I wish this cake was really here so I could eat it.  I wish you were it so I could share it with you.

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

Will it be pink or blue?

Take a quick peek.

Lets have a slice of PINK!  Because it is so sweet.

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

Yes!  It is another GIRL!!

Faith will have a sister!  Everyone will have a brother and a sister.  I love these.  Trust me I have been running through the cuteist sister outfits.

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

I got my wish and I am happy.

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

Now to think of names?


Karen said...

Congratulations! You must all be so excited!

michelle said...

Congratulations!!!!! I'm so happy for you (and Faith!)!!!!!!!!

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