Monday, February 6, 2012

I really like it

This afternoon I went to pick up my new car!!


It drives so nice.  It is so easy to drive.  I even took the long way home.  My oldest asked if I did because I was using the heated seats.  No not on this day, it is in the high 50's.


I am really happy with it.  Although it has a lot of controls I just don't understand.


And those tinted windows are really really dark.  The dealer made me sign a paper saying I know they are not legal.  They are darker than I thought.  I adjusted the review view mirror think it was pointing of the ceiling but no, it was pointing out the window, on a sunny day, in the bright afternoon.   It was dark in the car one kid fell asleep.


I am glad I got it because I really like it.


Vivian said...

Nice! We need a new car so bad. And I'm so sick of our van..nor more vans!

Karen said...

Congratulations on your new vehicle! It's a Suburban, right? We considered one of those years ago when we needed to buy a new (new to us...actually a used) van. How many passengers does it seat?

michelle said...

LOVE it! Ryan's trying to convince me to get a new ride too, but I love my trusty 4-Runner. :(

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