Monday, February 27, 2012

Penguin party is no more

My son originally wanted a penguin party for his 7th birthday.  This was probably way I procrastinated on it.  Penguin parties just don't fall together.  They take a little thought.  I had started to think on pintrest, where else. I am not really sure where the whole penguine idea came from in the first place.  He said penguins are winter and his birthday is in winter.  Although we have not had much a winter here.

I looked at cakes.  Thinking I could find a pretty cake and then build a table around it.  I found this perfect one not only was it penguine but it had a snow globe too.  He loves snowglobes.

This one was adorable and I could do it myself.

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

Okay but what do you do at a penguine party?  There is no snow and none in the 50's 60 degree forecast we have was not looking like sledding could be an activity.  I found a super cute print to make.

But how many things to I want to have with just the 4.  I might do this next winter as an activity with all 5 kids.

Source: via Jaime on Pinterest

Then there was these snow globes.  He would love them and we have honestly over 100 baby jars sitting on my shelf right now.  But What about when my 2 year old gets a hold of them like he has done with many other of the snow globes and I have a glittery water spot on the floor.  But maybe.  And how much is it going to cost me in inside supplies?

Even then how long will all this last half an hour?  I think penguin party is a darling idea but since we are having a small immediate family party.  It is hard to have things to do for really 3 little boys only.  I started looking at other ideas.  I through a few his way and one he jumped on quick.  He got excited and he has been talking about since.

We have now switched from a penguine party to a fishing birthday.

No not that type of fishing.  Although we are going cat fishing Wyatt is staying home.  We are heading down to West Virginia to my parents for pizza, fishing and cake.  All three Evan's picks of what he wants to do.  I have seen years of our fishing skills and that is probably why he wants to do pizza first.   Since we are heading out for a day of fishing that is the activity.  Plus always has a good time running around my parents climbing through the woods and shooting guns.  Yes I lets them, yes they are supervised and yes they know how and have for sometime.  Pizza we will stop and get.  Drinks and snacks I will get during this week.  We don't need goody bags for your brothers.  And the cake Evan ordered today.  He wanted a fishing cake of course.  We looked at a few options.

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

He like this one for me to make for him.  He wanted a fish coming out.  But I do have a full week set all ready this or any cake would take to much time.  So he designed a cute one it should be perfect.

I got all his gifts ordered and bought this past weekend, he will love them.  It has all come together it will be wonderful.  I am getting as excited as he is.

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

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michelle said...

I love how he picks awesome party themes like fishing or penguins, whereas other (not nearly as cool, obviously) seven-year-old boys would choose something like Toy Story or Cars or whatever seven-year-old boys are into these days. :)

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