Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Camp Joy El

I dropped the kids off at camp this week.  They were happy to go, I am happy they are gone.  Doesn't that sound wrong.  But I am so happy for them.  They have been looking forward to and talking about camp for days.


I wasn't going to send them to this one at first.  It is a sleep away camp.  An hour away.  But on Friday I changed my mind.  I had many good reasons not to send them..  Most of them having to do with one of the boys in particular.  But I talked it over with both of them and they wanted to go, badly.  So I signed them up on Friday and this week they are gone :(

We miss them.  They both said they will miss Faith, Evan said he will also miss the cat.  As for me, dad, Smiley?  It does not matter I don't want them to miss us.  I want them to have a great time.

Gregory who has been there before has been telling Evan since he came back how fun it was.  Evan is so excited!!!  I hope it lives up to his expectations.

It is a wild west theme this summer and the long drive up was lined with cow-folk counselors saying howdy and all sorts of western things.  We had the windows down as we went up the drive to greet them back and say hello.  Gregory soon got embarrassed and said mom roll the windows up.  Of course I didn't.

Once we got out of the car they posse'd around us and took our bags, thanks.  We moseyed along a path through more western signs, greetings and people.  We soon came to bunches of friends.


Just a few of the many they new there.  All the kids were as excited as mine.  Camp is even more fun with friends.

I miss my big boys.

The house is quite without them.

I like that.

Hopefully I will get some school done this week.

I would rather have them here, with me.

Until they fight and yell and drive me nuts.  No not my boys...

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michelle said...

How fun! Seriously, what little boy (or girl!) wouldn't wanna go to a wild west summer camp?! Hope you get lots of school work done!!...though it's funny to think you're getting a little bit of a break and you STILL have two little ones to care for. :)

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