Sunday, June 24, 2012

Father's Day

  Summer is flying.  I want to take time to stop and enjoy it but school has kept me so busy lately all I am doing is swimming to stay a float.  The house is suffering, there is no garden or plants, unless you count the dead one. The kids are fine but in need of more activities.  I just keep saying if I can get through this week  next will be better but then the next week is even busier.  This secession of classes ends on Friday so good or bad finished or not it is over, you can imagine the crunch I am in right now.  But then I have a glorious week off!!!  Yay,  I can't believe how much I am looking forward to my summer break.  I have a lot of house stuff to catch up on, the 4th of July, and my oldest ninth birthday.

It has been a week now since fathers day but seems longer.  We had a nice time.  Jay had to work for the the morning and early afternoon which gave us time to go to church and make a few special things.

Smiley and his baby friends made their dads a candy jar.  I can not even tell you how proud he was of this.  He carried it around special with him everywhere.


He was overly excited to give it to his dad.  And then kept reminding him through the evening that he made it for him with his baby friends.  What great Sunday school teachers he has to do such a nice project for the fathers.

In the excess of sweets overflowing at our home.  Ice cream cake from Smiley's birthday, cupcakes and cake from welcoming the boys home from camp and just the bags of gummy worms and twilzzlers I have in so many shelfs the boys decided to make cookies for their dad.  He also is not a big sweets fan.

Gregory came up with the idea to write a letter in frosting on each cookie spelling out happy fathers day.  So we made choclate chip cookies and got out frosting tubes.  The kids tried to write with them but found it to be quite a bit harder than they though.  And no I was not going to do it this was their idea from them.



They gave it a few minutes of a good effort.  Then Faith soon realized there is frosting in these tubes!!



At the end... well they had a few decorated cookies.


Many got ate in the process and they still tasted good.

We gave him a few new pampered chef items for grilling that we have been making good use of.  We did a beer can chicken for fathers day.

photo from phone camera

And then settled down to movie, Journey 2.  It was a cute movie.  We all enjoyed it.


And he enjoyed the cuddling from the kids.  What fathers day is all about.



Lisa said...

It has been too long since I blogged so I am trying to get caught up! So let me make sure I are pregnant with your 5th child and are back in college? Wow, you are incredible! I really mean that. I started a new career in my 30s (only 2 kids though!) so I am totally pulling for you! It's tough but hang in there, sweet lady!

michelle said...

C'mon FRIDAY!!! Hope this week flies by for you, and your break'll be here before ya know it. As always, I'm in complete awe of you, and I *guarantee* that your house is still cleaner than mine. :)

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