Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dutch Wonderland

Humm how to do this post with my 4GB!! of pictures that I took.  Yes that is right 4 GB.  I am going to have to bring hard drives with me when we go to Disney.  And probably open an additional blog called our Disney vacation to hold those pictures.  And spend more time writing about the trip than we actually will spend there.  But for now I want to share a few pictures of Smiley's birthday party at Dutch wonderland.

Dutch Wonderland was fantastic.  We all had so much fun and by we all, everyone came, my parents and my brother and his wife and kids.  Although in the over 300 pictures we kept after deleting the junk ones ( so it is no longer 4GB) there is not one picture of everyone.

It is in Lancaster, PA, the heart of PA Dutch country.  Hence the name.


But that is about where the dutchness ends.  It is themed around a castle with dragons and princess.


Faith made sure I stayed with her and kept her far away from the scary dragon not to repeat the frightful Easter experience.

The kids loved the rides.  You wouldn't be able to guess it by looking at them though.



The park is designed for children.  Most rides are for 6 and under.


There are a few bigger rides but the sister park is Hershey Park which is designed for the rollercoaster enthusiast.  None of my kids are ready for Hershey even though they will argue that point with you but this park was almost to young for them.

They had two little roller coasters and the big boys rode both.  They had to show they were big with no hands.



But it was tame enough for mema and pepa, maybe

The turtles were a big hit.


Everyone rode them over and over.


I could not ride much.  I am 34 weeks pregnant.


It was a hard time to do what I did.  It was the hottest day of summer yet and we walked around that park for 9 hours.  Whew.  Did not even drop one pound, I just managed to swell up the next day.

I love roller coasters.  The faster, higher, scarier the better.  Unlike my brother.  Who I don't think cares to much for amusement parks.  But his wife (in picture above with me) and daughter sure do.  However he did the good uncle duty and took Smiley on a ride.


He actually took all my boys on rides since I was unable to assist them and there dad is a whimp.

Their dad can handle slides.  The log ride,





and a water slide.



We spent a good deal of time in the water park.  It was just so hot and it turns out it was in the boys top favorite rides.




I can't tell you how hard Smiley was to keep up with in the water park.  He was climbing and off faster than his dad or I could manage to stay up with.  At least I had two reasons not to keep up...

I spent all my time with Faith.


She had a great time on the little slides but she always wanted to play at the end, where the water piled up and kids slide right into her.  She was actually faster than I would have thought too.  Plus she kept climbing up went stairs to get to the big slides.

And again 34 weeks pregnant.  I can't run after two as quick as I used to.


After chasing them around for too long it was time to get back to the rides.  They went down dry slides.


And bounced up and down on this small froggy thing.




Everyone but me had a great time on the bumper cars.  I am not disapointed I missed it.  I loved seeing all there faces.  Everyone smiled and laughed the entire time.



The chitty chitty bang bang cars as the boys called them, were more my speed.


Doesn't she look like a little baby doll!

Smiley got his turn driving me around in a truck.  He though it was great he could drive.  There were all types of cars littles could drive around.


Or drive each other, as Jacob escorted Faith around a few laps.


They are so cute together and only a month apart.


By the end of the day I was exhausted.  We all were not one kid made it home awake.  Not one kid slept in the next day either.

What a great birthday birthday party!

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michelle said...

Best birthday party EVER!!! We went to a zoo when I was maybe 30 weeks along with Miles, and we walked forever and ever and ever, and I carried him so freakin' low that...I swear...by the end of the day, I thought he was gonna fall out of me any second. :) You're doing (and looking!) great, girl! Not long now!!!!

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