Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The End of the 2011-2012 School Year

Through a week of go go go we were able to make it alive and healthy to the end of the school year.  I am so glad it and the craziness of that week is over.  Talk about a busy week, sheeze.  I am also glad my school job is out for the summer because I would have had to take this week off.  Actually I did go to work on Tuesday, at a new school with a special vision classroom just to observe though.  To see if that is where I want to go next year.  Just a day over a week later that seems so far away.  Back to the boys school year, what a fun week.  Isn't that the way the end of the school year should be.

I was at the childrens school the last three days.  I love going to their school and being a part of their education and activities there.  They spend so much time at school with such great teachers, friends and staff, once you spend time with those people I know why the boys are so happy to go there they are all so great.  On Wednesday me and the babies were there for Gregory's celebration of life.

On Thursday me and the babies returned much to their enjoyment for a family picnic.   But it wasn't supposed to be just me and the babies.  Dad was supposed to come too.  But as we were loading up his work called and he could no longer go with us.  UGH.  I was flustered.  I can't even tell you how hard this was now going to be.  I had two hungry babies in a double stroller that I would now have to completely attend to myself getting them and me food through long lines managing to carry three plates and push a stroller somehow and two big boys I was now late in getting to.  It was just not possible.  Could the big boys help?  Maybe but they had there own hands full trying not to spill there plates and get a drink.  Remember even though they are my big boys they are still only 7 and 8.  I could not "park" the babies with the boys and keep going back myself to get everyone food because the lines were just to long.  They could not be unsupervised like that.  However, Montessori is full of good friends and they helped out.  Everything worked out well.  We made it through a great meal and had fun playing afterwards.

Gregory my now 3rd year

Evan will now be a second year.

My mom told them they have the next year look all ready and all week they were going around talking about it. "I all ready have a third year look because I am going to be 9 and I am so old."  Or "I am going into 2nd because I have the 2nd year look"  Crazy boys.


Smiley can not wait to go to school.  He is ready and I wish he could go but the preschool program is not everyday or all day and even though he is old enough and ready we don't have the transportation put him in school.  So he will have to wait till kindergarten 2014. :(  But then they will pick him up at our door with the boys morning and afternoon.  Wow then I will have a 5 year old Kindergartner, 2 in Upper Elementary, Gregory being 11 and a 5th year and Evan being a 4th year at 9 years old.  Good thing I have 2 years to get ready, and save up.

Faith loved to play she was in her element.  She was climbing all over and running around.  She had so many kids following her she thought that was great.

Gregory and his best friends.  It is hard when you do not go to a neighborhood school because you don't get many chances to see your friends over the summer.  The school pulls in kids from an hour away in all directions, that makes it a bit harder for everyone to see each other, but at least once or twice a month they still do.

This day was tough.  It was an even bigger challenge to get the two babies who did not want to go home to leave.  I had to strap them in the stroller to get them to the car to strap them in there kicking and screaming because they wanted to stay.  They think there brothers school is simply the best most fun place to be.  The big boys do too.  In fact they wanted to stay the rest of the day for the talent show.  We couldn't though a picnic was enough.  Luckily I had daycare for Friday.

Friday yup another day back at the school.  But like I said I dropped the babies off at daycare.  It would make it so much easier without them today.  Actually there is just no way they could be there today.  But glad I don't have to but them in daycare often OUCH!!!  Jay and I work opposite shifts to avoid that cost and could never pay it on a regular basis, especially when I was just volunteering for the day, and if I had all 5 in it.  He will go back to nights when I go back to work in the fall.

Friday was field day.  The kids love it!!  What kid does not?  We had a morning full of all kinds of events, junk food and fun.  Here are two pictures of both my fifty some pound boys as anchors on the tug of war.



That was the only traditional game besides an obstacle course.  They got most the games from minute to win it ideas and the kids loved them.  It was also there first time they got to use the new gaga ball bit they earned from race for education.

As if this day was not fun enough the afternoon was a pool party.  Which would have been awesome if it was not unusually cold that day with a chilly breeze and impending storm and a tornado watch in effect.  Yes, really.  Out of our warm hot spring today the weather was miserable.  And a tornado watch?  We don't ever have those in PA.  So really no one thinks anything of them.  But it all held off long enough for us to jump in the pool.



Well for them I decided to wait till it was warmer.  They did not last to long.  It was okay in the water but these skinny minis were shivering uncontrollably when they were not in the water.  So we packed up said our goodbyes and left.

We closed the door on another school year.  They grew and learned so much.  But now I have them for the summer.  And as much as they love school I love having them home.  I am very much looking forward to this summer with all five of my kids.

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michelle said...

What a fun, packed week! Again, I don't know how you do it. :) And I was seriously stressed just reading about you and that family picnic line! Glad it all worked out. :)

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