Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election Day Is Over

The presidential race was a big thing in my house this year because it is the first time the older boys had a chance to understand what was happening.  It was interesting to watch them lean and get passionate about a candidate.  They don't really understand why they chose the one they did Gregory told me because of taxes, but he does know what taxes are.

They boys had been questioning me for months "who are you going to vote for?"  I was happy to talk about it with them.  They had been learning about the history of voting and the election process at school.  On Tuesday they even had a mock election.  The middle schoolers gave speeches about the candidates and their platforms.


And then they voted.  Gregory is wearing the blue hat and Evan is wearing red.


The schools reelected Barack Obama.

But he was not my childrens' choice.


They were all for Mitt Romney.  One day their dad was looking at Obama stuff online and I yelled upstairs to my son "Gregory! Dads trying to vote for Obama!"  Well he came darting down the stairs DDAADD! Really!  Then tried the best a 9 year old could do to sway his fathers mind.

They even took it pretty hard that he lost.  Gregory questioned me Mom did you really vote for Romney?  I even saw him write his cousin an email expressing his disappointment, it was to funny.

But now it is over and many of the signs are coming down.  Facebook is still being politically flooded but there is also are also sign of contentment in the Lord.


In 4 more years we get to go through it again.  In 8 more years my oldest will miss being able to legally vote by 1 year but 12 more years my 2 oldest will be registered voters.  So here looking forward to 2024.

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michelle said...

I'm soooo relieved election stuff is over...though your boys and I were for the same candidate. :)

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