Sunday, November 25, 2012

Finally...Jim's here

I am so excited   And very happy because we got Elf on a Shelf!!!!!  This is something I had been wanting for a while but I waited on it trying to see if I could grab it when it when on sale and it never did.  I looked it up over the summer on ebay and no successes   I watched the black Friday adds and after Christmas sales and never did he go on sale.  ( I wish I would be the genius cash cows on this one)  So after 2 years of watching I broke down and bought the $30 doll.  It arrived the day before Thanksgiving, perfect, I would start our new tradition on black Friday.

The boys spent the day at there friends so it gave me time to set up the stage for our visitor.  I wrote a quick note on the box and put it in a shiny Santa bag so they would think it was from him.


After I buckled the tiny team in the truck and they could not see the front door I said "opps I forgot my keys I will be right back" and I left the package on the front door.


Then off to pick up the rest of the kids, sneaky me!


My actually obident eldest son took the package and placed it in the area we have set aside for a tree.


Evan put a post it there so we would not forget :)

Any other time they would have  torn open the package   I had to say no, no kids since this one came so early why don't you go ahead and open it.  Then they did not hesitate.


It gave them a bit of a struggle but they got it open and it was Elf on a Shelf!  They had no idea what that is.


They saw a book, a DVD and a doll.  Gregory read the book to his sister.


Then I tried to read it to the rest but they were bouncing all over the place.  We settled down had dinner and then watched the movie.


Basically what elf on a shelf is, is a behavior program for kids during the holidays. (so far has not worked though but only 2 days and counting)  Santa sends his scout Elf's to your home, you adopt them and they watch the children to see if they are good or bad.  Each night they fly home to Santa to report.  You can not touch the elf or he/she loses their magic.  Trust me this is serious stuff.

The kids decided on the name Jim, which gave him his magic.  I placed him out of the reach of the tiny team but that did not stop them from trying.  Jim did fly back home that night and landed in a snowman Evan had made the next morning.  But he fell.  So I had to pick him up and move him.  In his new spot he kept falling over he was not feeling very well.  I stuck a cinnamon stick with him as that is Elf vitamins.


It worked because the next morning he was gone.  He had flown home to tell Santa what was going on.  But upon his arrival he encountered some one new, it was the tooth fairy.  Yes Evan lost a tooth that day and tucked it under his pillow so they colaberated.  She sent him a letter...

When I came to your home I got surprised by a red little man
He was not Santa but he said he came from that land
He told me you named him Jim
He was happy about that
Jim is a good name he said
And then he asked why are  you going through Evan’s bed
I told him I am the tooth fairy
I am here to do my job
Evan lost a tooth today and I will award him with $5
He is a good boy and I love so much
When his tooth came out tonight he pulled it with a gentle touch.
I am Evan’s elf I will give him the money
I watched him all day and he is funny
Okay here is his $5 can you give it to him
Of course I will Jim said with a grin.
So off Jim went with the money from the tooth fairy
can you find him where is he hiding?
Maybe there is a surprise!  I gave you $5
But he threw in a little too
You can add it to you Christmas jar as a special gift from him to you.

And Jim held the money. $5 for Evan and his tooth $20 for the Christmas jar, what a nice missing tooth score.


It took Evan so long to find it.  Our hearts were breaking as his dad and I kept giving him directions of stuff to do that would lead him right to his Elf.  And finally he saw him, boy I am glad Jim is not a snake.  That awesome little Elf we are all loving and looking for him.  It is a lot of fun I am so glad he is here.  As they wake up each morning it sure is fun.

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michelle said...

I finally shelled out the $$ for an Elf on the Shelf this year too! Lily named him Sebastian. So much fun, though he certainly hasn't helped her to stop whining. :)
LOVED your tooth fairy poem! So fun and creative!!

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