Thursday, November 15, 2012

moving through the week

Really not much has been going on here.  The kids have school some days and others they don't.  I have been terrible about keeping track of when they are off the year.  I know this week they are off Thursday and Friday, I was not sure about Monday so I had to look it up as the bus was running late, they did go to school on Monday.  Thanksgiving is coming up soon and they will be off then but I can't tell you what days.    We are constantly moving, so busy and trying to survive each day I have not been looking far in the future.

For instance Thanksgiving.  I have no idea what we are doing for Thanksgiving.  half of what keeps me busy everyday is cooking so I would be thankful for someone else to cook for a change.  I have throughout the last year been pinning the perfect Thanksgiving with beautiful decorations, the most delicious food, fun kid and family activities  everything perfect.  Oh yea and outfits I would make for the children.  Well I doubt any of that is going to happen.  Really, really doubt it.

The kids have their Christmas pictures this Saturday, I can't wait!  They all have such pretty new outfits they will look beautiful IF Santa does not send them into tantrums.

Gracie is growing!  She is getting so big.


I have had to pack up and donate her 0-3 month clothes   Nope not keeping any of the baby stuff this time.  Even though I gave away all of my maternity clothes to I have been asked at least three times if I am expecting again.  Hopefully not because of the extra pounds but because last year this was the time I announced I was expecting baby number 5.  It is a little sad thinking no more babies will joining our family.  With it being National Adoption Month we have looked at that too.  Not that we are moving on it our house is TOO small as well as our income.  But you never know maybe one day.  Gregory's only request is that we adopt a nine year old boy born in July so they could be twins.

Smiley has been attached to Gracie.


He is always kissing her and cooing on her.  Now that she is a little more substantial he has been trying to carry her around.  It is scary.  He picks her up and she is not that much smaller than him and about half of his weight, and he tries carrying her to the couch to me or to her play mat.  I freak out every time   He really loves her...and I can't blame him.  She is AWESOME!  The best baby so perfect and just so cute.  She smiles bigger than her face.  And now rolls over.

Off to do some homework and housework and maybe think about Christmas 39 days away!


michelle said...

I was just telling Ryan earlier tonight that we should adopt. :)
LOVE that photo of Smiley and Faith!

michelle said...

I meant Smiley and *Grace*! Sheesh. I'm really (really) tired. :)

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