Monday, November 26, 2012

First Day of Hunting Season

Is today  a holiday where you live?  The first Monday after Thanksgiving?  Some call it cyber Monday and celebrate that, I have before that's when I got my great camera that I now find it is slow and frustrating.  Or maybe it was just not meant to take picture of 5 super fast and busy kids.  Today in Pennsylvania is the first day of hunting season and here it is a holiday.

My kids have off school but they can't go play outside.  I took the trash out this morning and all you is gunshots.  I will not let them out anymore after I heard this story:

I know there are probably also many others like it.  It was an accidental shooting of an Amish girl by a bullet that traveled a mile and a half.  You can read the story here.

But they are home they are driving me a little nuts :)  They have cabin fever and want to go back to school.  They also would not mind going hunting but I think they are still a little young.  And I wonder if they could ever really shoot an animal, I think not.

I might even be up for hunting if I got to dress like this.

Source: via kristel on Pinterest

Very classy.  I never got the camo thing?

If you are out have, we are staying in and will enjoy Open Season, and hopefully decorate.

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michelle said...

Hunting's definitely a holiday in Arkansas! But I could never do it. I like my meat already sliced or ground up or otherwise disguised so I can pretend I'm not eating Bambi or Clarabel. :)

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