Monday, January 28, 2013

Backyard Football

Before the weather turned cold, and before the sheets of ice started raining we had a pretty mild weekend.  It gave us a chance to get outside and play in  much needed fresh air.  The big kids got footballs for Christmas this was a perfect day to try them out.  They were so happy to play.  Now none of us have a clue how to play football so I set up 3 boxes on one side of the lawn they stood on the other and tried to throw them in the different point boxes.

They threw them in the boxes, Gregory kicked them towards the boxes.

IMG_8677_zps46925a4c photo IMG_8677_zps46925a4c.jpg

IMG_8678_zps54f1dc7b photo IMG_8678_zps54f1dc7b.jpg

Faithy tried running it in.

IMG_8648_zps038578c9 photo IMG_8648_zps038578c9.jpg

After Smiley got hit by the ball he retreated to playing with his littlest sister.

 photo IMG_8627_zps0f062f55.jpg

And giving her kisses.

 photo IMG_8652_zpsaa4ae1c4.jpg

 photo IMG_8653_zps38593e67.jpg

 photo IMG_8658_zps79780c8e.jpg

She just sat there so these two were the easiest to get pictures of the others were running everywhere.

 photo IMG_8663_zps9ed796e5.jpg

But after Gregory kept accidentally kicking the ball at his brothers, or accidentally throwing it at them.  They pulled out and I played.  I played kiss tackle   He tried to tackle me, and I would kiss him.  I would tackle him and then kiss him.  I don't think he was having any fun playing with mom ;0

IMG_8675_zpsba89970c photo IMG_8675_zpsba89970c.jpg

IMG_8735_zps4f62c504 photo IMG_8735_zps4f62c504.jpg

It was our last day outside.  We need for the weather to turn good again SOON.

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michelle said...

You are one seriously awesome mom. :)

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