Sunday, January 13, 2013

The past week or so.

So much has been going on I am busier than ever.  Luckily we have all avoided the flu.  It is taking people out in droves.  You can not get flu shots anywhere around here, I imagine that is probably widespread.  Stupid me I turned down a free one for me at school and one for my oldest daughter at the doctors because she was all ready having a traumatic day there.  My oldest is the only one who got it.  Lets keep praying for good health.

Everyone has returned to school.  The boys were happy to go back.  I started a new course just for 3 weeks in January and it is kicking my butt.   I am spending 6-8 hours a day on it!  Laundry is backed up, everything is.  I can't believe how much it is taking from me.  It is a normal semester course crammed into 3 weeks.  So much information is being thrown at me I do not even have the chance to process it, and it shows.  I am hoping and trying so hard for a B this time.  It is Ancient Athenian Democracy.  Sound not to bad but it is hard.  It is a 270 level class so it is in between on the difficulty scale.  But I am struggling with the names, translating, the time periods and everything else that goes with it.  Agh, I don't think I will do another January class again.

The kids are doing good.  The unusually warm weather we had this weekend, it was in the 60's, let us enjoy time outside that we have very much been missing.


My daughters hair has finally started to grow.


i can't tell you how happy I am about that one.  I chase her around with barrets that she proceeds to pull out.


Wyatt is still here.  Evan continues to enjoy her.  She continues to endure it.  Faith runs after her and kicks her yelling move again my mini me.

The kids opened up their presents from their cousins.


They got bears and guns they loved them thank you.

The only problem is sharing.


She is not into sharing any toys with her sister at the moment.


But luckily there is momma to help Gracie out.


I will share more soon as time is nowhere to be found right now.  I am counting down to spring break!

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michelle said...

You never cease to amaze me with all that you can (and DO!) do. Fingers crossed that your family stays nice 'n healthy, whereas we've been anything BUT. I passed my flu along to Miles, and then he gave it to Lily, and then she got some sort of stomach bug and puked all over herself and her bed last night (twice), and the pukefest continued into today, and now Ryan's got the flu. I'm sure I'll be puking asap.

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